The WeWatches teams help you find the watch of your dreams.We are here to listen to you and advise you on the model that suits you.Personalized service tailored to your needs.

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Our teams advise and support you from the search phase to the acquisition.

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The different stages

A personalized service tailored to your request.

AdviceYou have chosen to acquire a new timepiece: Our teams are here to assist you and will provide advice on the selected model or other similar models based on your expectations (aesthetic, rarity, and investment).
Time-savingOur advice and our connection with our +3000 merchants worldwide will save you time in choosing your timepiece.
Premium QualityWe only select high-quality timepieces. Text to be completed for overall layout balance.
AcquisitionOur connections with our various partner merchants allow us to send you a selection of multiple models and achieve your price goal.
AuthenticationAll watches are first sent to us for authentication. Each watch goes through our hands before it reaches you. This allows our team of watchmakers to authenticate the watch and provides you with complete peace of mind.
DeliveryOur watches are delivered to you by a member of our team in Paris or through secure shipping with our partner Ferrari, specializing in the global distribution of luxury products.
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